Nanograms is a podcast about technoculture, created by Josh Raulerson and produced at 90.5 WESA in Pittsburgh. 

The pilot season, 'Borg in the USA, launched September 24, 2015.

Technology is changing fast, and reshaping the human experience along with it – transforming the economy, the environment and the way society is organized. But explosive technological growth isn’t just changing our world. It’s changing us. How we think of ourselves. How we relate to one other. How we imagine our future.


Nanograms is a limited-series dispatch from the front lines of technoculture, where weird and surprising things are happening at the intersection of human and machine, of science and the arts, of technology and… everything else. It’s a dumpster-dive into big ideas and complex problems, a serialized feast served in bite-size chunks for those of us who are already living with one foot in the future, but still figuring out what that means.



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Credit: Ryan Loew, 90.5 WESA

Credit: Ryan Loew, 90.5 WESA





Josh Raulerson holds a PhD in English from the University of Iowa. He is the host of Morning Edition on 90.5 WESA and the author of Singularities: Technoculture, Transhumanism, and Science Fiction in the 21st Century (Liverpool University Press, 2013).



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